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Localization & Editorial Copywriting

As content developers and localization experts, we are here to articulately modernize effective communication between different cultures to convey the real, underlying message. 

As businesses focus on singular copy-writing and marketing translation, they are also adapting ideas and disseminating them across the planet. Individuals at the receiving end of these messages become increasingly multicultural and ultimately aware. The outcome is simply a more fluid and comprehensive world.

From São Paulo to around the globe, All Type believes in pushing language barriers to promote multifaceted and full understanding.

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Founding Partner & CEO

As All Type’s singular creator, Nathalie focuses on the dissemination of our company’s culture and DNA from initial contact to client validated deliveries. A native speaker of English and Portuguese, she has a degree in Political Science and a minor in Spanish from the University of British Columbia, as well as over 10 years of experience in business development. Oh, right. She also doesn’t operate without Netflix.

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Founding Partner & Creative Director

With broad experience in the most diverse markets, including (but certainly not limited to) source funding, trading, international relations, fashion, and even executive film production, Pamela is All Type’s benchmark when it comes down to content. Her bilingual academic background, experiences abroad and expertise in Business and Communication allow her to work as the starting point that captures any sort of message. Her greatest pet peeve? Unformatted material. Don’t go there.

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Founding Partner & CFO

We’re talking more than 50 years of experience in the exchange, export/import, trading, and business development markets. In addition to pioneering the local commercialization and export of Brazilian commodities as CEO of multiple businesses (i.e.: All Service, TPM and Trace International), Roberto also has a Business degree from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo, specializes in identifying new business opportunities and has a clinical eye for financial solutions. To get him to love you, simply mention anything ‘Federer’.



All Typers are all of those who share our belief – that working with content is not intrinsic to our times. It is a gift. All Typers are native speakers who want to make a difference by sharing more content with more people. Every one of our All Typers undergoes a process of Quality Control and consistent monitoring to ensure that our Be Understood DNA is always making a difference.



Copywriting Style: Cool & Fluid

After five years living in Southern California and twelve years working in the music industry, Fernanda brings that cool fluid style and artistic tones into all her content adaptation work. Add in a Communications degree and a minor in Writing and Rhetoric from SDSU, and she is prepared to help bring your message across a wide range of audiences. Cue the lights, it's showtime!